Have you ever been called a “slut” or a “hoe”? Have you been the victim of sexual assault? Have you ever been shamed because of your body? Amber Rose is trying to encourage us to change all of that.

On Saturday, October 1st, at Pershing Square in Downtown LA, the second annual Amber Rose Slut Walk took place, and I had the pleasure of walking in the fashion show. This event brought together women and men from all walks of life, to celebrate feminism, sexual consent, body positivity, putting an end to victim blaming, and more.

The event kicked off with a march around Downtown LA which ended at Pershing Square which was lined with vendors from around the country with clothes, art, jewelry, therapy services, and sex positive material/support. The area was full of folks of all ages, sizes, and colors. On the green, there was a huge stage where performers took the stage, social media stars like Joanne Prada kept the crowd engaged, and other guest speakers told their stories of why this movement is so important to them.










As someone who has been shamed for her body most of her life, someone who’s been the victim of nonconsensual sex, and someone who works everyday to create a world where we all get to be our most authentic selves, this event truly warmed my soul. I know how hard it can be when you’re by yourself, or even in your small circle, and you feel like the only person going through your struggles. This event brought us all together and helped myself, and I’m sure others, to see how we truly aren’t alone. It also revealed how much work we truly have to do in this world around body image, sex, and women and gay rights.

I’m prepared to work at it, are you?

BONUS: Check out a quick video of me walking in the show below 🙂


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