A’gaci Girl: Fall Fashion

Almost every week someone tells me they want to raid my closet, but there’s no need, just shop at A’gaci. I get the privilege of getting a few items from them every now and then, which has added up over the past year. I style them on My Instagram and show how you can WERK them! Here’s my latest batch –

For this fall’s selection I got this off the shoulder white top, in the plus size section (1x).

I paired it with a tube dress I got from A’gaci, for my summer style post, but I transformed it in to a skirt! The long length serves more for the Fall (despite it being 90 degrees in LA!). I also played off of the yellow and pink on the flower print, and wore my giant hexagon sunnies, also from A’gaci.

Next, I got this super cute red and blue striped dress – perfect fall colors – which ties at just the right spot to show off my curves. I paired it with a pair of blue velvet booties from A’gaci, which I just had to have as soon as I saw them. The dress, a 1x from the plus section, was pretty short because I’m a giant, so I wore another navy skirt underneath, for safety, and to make it more work appropriate 😛

Lastly, to feed in to my sunglasses addiction, I got these super sleek silver sunnies. You can’t go wrong with an all silver look, they go with pretty much everything!


If you like this stuff, you should check out A’gaci for all the goodies they have to offer! Happy Shopping!




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