There comes a time in everyone’s life where we must exit childhood and make our way thru puberty. For a lot of people words like “awkward” “uncomfortable” and “embarrassing” can be used to describe this phase of their lives. For myself, puberty is tied, more-so, to words like “excruciatingly painful ” “depressing” and “hospital visits”. This is because when I hit puberty the manageable eczema I had had since I was 3 became a torturous disease that spread across my whole body leaving my skin raw, and stiff, and my doctors confused on how to treat me. I say all this because when Brianna aka @_the_b_word asked me to be a part of her #BEinyourskin Campaign, my relationship with my body, AND my skin was brought in to question.

"Making Memories Last One Shot at a Time by Nea's Photography
“Making Memories Last One Shot at a Time by Nea’s Photography


Now, I had only met/ran in to Bri on two occasions, so our friendship was new and I had no clue about her #BEinyourskin Campaign when she asked me to be a part of it. I was honored she asked and had no plans for the day, so without reservations I agreed to help her out. Little did I know, what an empowering group of women she had gathered together to break the internet, from other models, plus size bloggers, to even the awesome photographer, Nea’s Photography.


When I asked Bri about her mission, this is what she shared with me:

What #BEinyourskin means to me, is that you can love yourself in the body you’re in now. I spent so many years thinking, “oh if I lose weight then I’ll be happy, or this guy will like me” and I held myself back from things when really it was my attitude that needed to shift… Self love should start TODAY by owning and loving the skin you’re in… By being my best, most confident self and sharing my experiences with the world other women can see themselves in me and realize that they too can be confident, bossed up and they’re beautiful!

As a plus size woman, who grew up plus, and experienced a lot of what Bri mentioned – particularly in the relationship department – this was a statement I could get behind. But additionally, my relationship with my literal skin is what gave this message even more meaning to me. For most of my life my skin has been covered in sores or scars, or I’ve been shedding dead skin everywhere, providing an extra layer for my self conscious to create as an excuse. For example: not only did I have fat arms, but my arms were covered in blemishes, so I had even more of an excuse to wear long sleeves in the dead of summer.

"Making Memories Last One Shot at a Time by Nea's Photography

I’ve since moved on from my worries, as my self confidence has grown, and I’ve decided my comfort and enjoyment comes before anything. So how perfect it is that with the #BEinyourskin Campaign, I can spread the message that I am LIVING wholeheartedly in the skin I have – scratches, scars, fat and all! And I hope you do the same. There are so many negative things in this world, let’s not let our size, shape, or ailments be the things to bring us down.

A huge thank you to Bri for truly being A Leading Lady! Make sure you use the tag #BEinyourownskin to share with Bri how you’re enjoying life everyday, just as you are.


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