Shop My Closet! Pink and Black Dress

Hey Friends! 

I have SO many clothes in my closet that go unworn, for so many reasons, so I thought, “Why not share them instead of hoarding them like a selfish diva?!” So here you have it, now you can shop my closet, YAY!!!!!

First item up for sale is this adorable pink dress with black velvet details and a tulip detail in the front, size XL, purchased at G Stage, selling for $20 plus $5 for shipping – so $25… or best offer.

I purchased this dress for a red carpet event, seen here ⬇

… and I have never worn it since. That being said, it’s only been worn once (twice if you count the 15min shoot I did for these imagea) and no food was eaten in it, tho it will be washed before sending out.

I am a size 14, and usually need a 1x but the stretchy material of this dress enabled it to fit over my curves 😉 Honestly, the only reason I don’t really wear it is because how short it is, and I spent the whole evening obsessing over whether or not people could see my buns. I’m 5’11” for reference.

If you’re interested in purchasing this lovely dress for the quickly approaching spring/summer, you should email me at I’d hate it to go unworn for much longer!


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