OOTD: Ole Faithful

Somedays I wake up and I know what I’m going to wear. Sometimes I plan it the day before, others days I toss on the closest pieces and pray I don’t look like a damn fool. But mostly I spend too much time in my closet complaining I have nothing to wear, despite having literal (according to my boyfriend, still tbd) infinite options… this is where Ole Faithful comes in.

This lil red dress has been with me through thick and thin, sweetness and sin. I bought this, back in the day (2014), from Forever 21+, and probably from the sale section no less. I had no idea how I would Wear 👏This 👏Dress👏 OUT👏

Originally a dress I bought for my 6 month anniversary – don’t judge! We were young[er] and madly in love. Since then I’ve worn it to the office, runway show after parties, prolly even da club. It’s just so comfy, and flattering, and a great throw on and go piece. I’ve paired it with heels, chucks, sandals, and most recently, these thigh high boots from Agaci.

My LRD has been there for me when I needed her most, and for that I’m forever grateful. Cheers to another day where I, “had nothing to wear,” and I managed to be fabulous regardless 🥂

Do you have an Ole Faithful piece in your closet? Comment below, I want to know what your go-to piece is!


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