#BeYourOwnLeadingLady (or Lad!) is a movement I’m starting to create a system of support for girls, boys, women and men – folks of all ages! I want to inspire people to reach for their wildest dreams, support them through their hustle, and encourage everyone to overcome all of the obstacles that might be in their way.

As a plus size woman of color, who towers over many of Hollywood’s “Hunks” it’s been incredibly difficult finding casting calls that I even match. My frustrations forced me to take initiative and start creating roles for myself, and has launched my writing to transform in to that for the silver screen. In taking charge this way, I felt a need to inspire others to also take the “Lead” in their own lives, whether, like me, they’re trying to navigate Hollywood, or struggling in other paths (i.e.small business owners, doctors, lawyers, getting healthy, self love, etc.)


Too often we let people, society, and other things get in the way of us truly pursuing our dreams and living the most honest and true-to-us lives. I’m tired of seeing the people I care about settle, and I hope you are too!

Please join me in taking charge and becoming the Leading Ladies and Leading Lads of our own lives. Use the hashtags #BeYourOwnLeadingLady & #BeYourOwnLeadingLad to show the world how you’re taking center stage in your life!



Follow me on Instagram: @TheCharvelle for social media challenges, Leading Lady and Leading Lad of the week, events, and more updates on this empowering movement. #LeadtheWay


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